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Redbourn Primary School

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6th - 10th July 2020

Sycamore and Hawthorn Week 6th July - 10th July


Hi Sycamore and Hawthorn! It's almost starting to feel normal, this new normal, don't you think?! We hope you had a lovely weekend, perhaps some of you ventured to establishments that are newly opened, perhaps you stayed at home - whatever you did, we hope you had fun and enjoyed the rest. 

As before, if you are attending school part of the week: Complete the same morning routine as normal (see below). Use the ongoing section to structure your learning from home for maths, English and the afternoon. We may also set you home learning tasks that complement activities we have completed in class.

If you aren’t attending school: Complete the same morning routine as normal (see below). Use the ongoing section to structure your learning from home for maths, English and the afternoon. Select tasks from the activity grid sent last week to add structure to your afternoons. If you haven’t finished the previous activity grid you can also select from this.



Bubbles 1 & 2 you will find the follow-up learning from our lessons in class by following the bubble link. This week includes Maths and Science. 

Other learning:

French is attached- to revise French numbers this week. I'm sending over a number vocabulary list and a set of instructions to play 'plus haut, plus bas'. They've enjoyed playing this game in class and I thought it might be nice for them to have the instructions so they can have another go at it.  (Message from Madame Willis)

Plate Pioneerz - we'll be discussing the Sustainable Development Goals in school and what you can do as families to help tackle waste and ensure a healthy diet for yourselves. Access this lesson plan and read the graphic novel to inform yourself further and make  relevant changes.

Yearbooks/Chuck Close Art - THANK YOU for helping us to collate all of this work. We are starting our marathon printing job on Tuesday evening so anything that is not with us by then will not be in the yearbooks. If you have not done the yearbook entry or the art, please send it to as ASAP. (The art has been completed in class unless you are learning from home or have ben off sick, in which case we have sent you a separate email)

Passion Projects - these have been really great! I think it's safe to say that both the children and us as teachers have enjoyed learning what the children are passionate about and it's so nice to see the children leading the class and developing their presentation skills. PLEASE do one if you haven't already; PLEASE ENCOURAGE your child. This is such a valuable skill and there are harsher consequences next year if they do not do their homework, so this is a great time to get proactive and be brave! 🙂


On Wednesdays we will continue to both work from home for planning and preparation and may respond to any urgent emails regarding learning. We will not be able to respond to all emails, however, please feel free to send us any work your child is proud of as we would still love to see these.


Everyday routine



  • Read to your parent/carer. This is SO important. Use the reading skills characters document attached last term or on the website
  • Watch Newsround (
  • Go onto Times Tables Rockstars – I’ll be looking at each individual child’s progress today 
  • Spellings: We have attached the spelling menu in which we had been selecting activities from each day. Each day choose one that you would like to complete. Remember that each week you should be looking at a new rule, placing these in your LWCC sheets being tested on them.
  • Maths and English: We would like you to follow the Oak Academy timetable for maths and English each day. This will provide a structure and will allow you to consolidate prior learning. You may also complete any outstanding work or busters.
  • Have a look at Mrs Couch’s Youtube channel where she has done some excellent maths meetings for her class during lockdown as well as spelling dictation.
  • Afternoon: Weekly we attach the learning we have completed in class. If you are not in bubble 1 or 2 these activities are available to you with power point slides and activities to complete.

Or: select a task from the updated activity grid or choose an ongoing project from the list. We would recommend you complete a PE activity each day or spend some time outside. This is very important not only for your physical health but you mental well-being as well.


Please keep in touch. Good luck. Stay safe and be kind, ALWAYS.

Miss Pott and Miss Davis.