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Art Club

Why Is Art Important

A short video on why art is important, how it has changed the world we live in and how it continues to change it every day.

Leaf Painting - Part One

In this video learn the basics of embedding - colour matching and be introduced as to how to begin to build a successful composition.

Nature Journal - Part Two. Leaf painting

In this video learn how to embed onto a sketchbook page using a printed image.
You will need a printed image of something you would like to embed, ideally an image that can easily be extended, a branch is a great image to use.

Natuure Journal - Part Three - Simple Observational Drawing

This week you will need - 1 -a flower to draw from ( either a photo you have taken, one you have found on the internet or the real thing) 2 - a selection of ...

Nature Journal - Part Four. Working from a macro photograph

In this video we continue to build a composition, enforcing learning about shape and form , tone and line. I introduce the term marco photography and how whe...

Nature Journal - Final Part - Biro Drawing

In this final video I guide you through some biro techniques to fill up your page and finalise your composition.

Biro - Part One

In this video learn some awesome presentation techniques for your sketchbook as well as how to create an interesting watercolour background that we will buil...