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W/B 29th June 2020

Welcome to another week Team Maple! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and it enjoyed the weather!


So this week sees the start of the last 3 weeks of term and a chance for some of you to come into school to see me!  I'm excited and looking forward to seeing lots of you over the next few weeks.  Due to this change, and as I will now be in school 4 days, I won't be able to respond to emails as I have been doing.  I would still love to see some photos of you having fun and enjoying some of the more creative tasks, and will still check for questions or queries, but I won't be able to give lots of feedback on everything as we have been doing.


If you are coming into school we will be doing something completely different to the home learning, so I have tried to keep the Thursday and Friday a little lighter on the overview, but there is lots of time for you to be flexible with the tasks as I will plan shorter tasks as we come to the end of term.


So this week:


Keep active: Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, Andy's Wild Workouts, Go Noodle, Just dance, Bike Rides, Walks.


Weekly Challenge: Can you time yourself running between two points each day this week and see if you can get faster?


Keep Writing: Our SPaG work this week focuses spellings, either from your story last week or ensuring you really know those CEW's well.

There is a short writing task learning about personification, and a handwriting task to link.

Then I would like you to explore creating your own mythical beast and write a character description about it.  IS it friendly or a villain?   Can you include personification to your description?

Please see the instructions documents for further details. 

Keep Counting/Maths: This week we are learning about symmetry.


Wider Curriculum: This week there is a geography task looking at the best places to build a castle, linking to all of your fantastic castles research so far, the next Spanish lesson, and a Science afternoon all about categorising animals and learning about their offspring.  There is also an Oak Academy art lesson about creating shadows.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you can create!


You should find another copy of the Wider Curriculum Grid saved for you in case you didn't print it before, as I think there are still lots of lessons and activities on there that haven't been completed.


I will keep an eye on Purple Mash so keep exploring and looking at the 2Do section.


Have a lovely week and I will see some of you on Thursday!


Mrs Stagg x