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Redbourn Primary School

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Bubble 1 - 24th - 26th June 2020 & Bubble 2 29th June - 1st July

Dear parents of Y6 Bubble 1,


Please see below a grid which outlines our learning from this week. There are follow-up tasks for some subjects that the children should do this week as part of their home learning - the slides for each of these lessons can be found on the website. 

Please prioritise these over other activities and they will feed into our learning next week - we have discussed this process with your children. 



In school learning

Home learning (Weds - Fri)


Our learning this week has consisted of getting to grips with mean! The children have solved a range of problems in different contexts requiring them to calculate the mean

Consolidation Activity - 
Use your knowledge from your time in school to solve the Averages Assemble sheet. Remember to calculate the mean you must add up the existing amounts and divide them by the amount of separate data there is.


Organising plants according to characteristics

Listing all the places you can find plants/flowers - are they on your toilet roll?
Explore and Classify
Use Linnaeus' classification system to identify a plant or flower of your own!

Yearbook Entry

We have been discussing our end of year projects - some are not to be shared with parents at this point - shhhh!

We are making a year book and need an entry from every child in Year 6 - due to restrictions using equipment in school, this needs to be a home learning task. Find the template and some examples attached. ONLY USE the template to create your entry. Modify the template with colours, your input and a picture. DO NOT change the font. Please send back to us via email.

Passion Project

We have really enjoyed learning from the children about their passion including: palm oil, dance, lego, geckos, animals, turtles and even a stop motion film! 

If you haven't yet prepared your Passion Project (on paper or electronically) maybe do that this week! 🙂 



Have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing your children again next Monday. The passion projects so far have been BRILLIANT!


Miss Davis and Miss Pott