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Bubble 1 - 8th - 10th July 2020

Dear parents of Y6 Bubble 1,


Please see below a grid, which outlines our learning from this week. There are follow-up tasks for some subjects that the children should do this week as part of their home learning - the slides for each of these lessons can be found on the website. 

Please prioritise these over other activities and they will feed into our learning next week - we have discussed this process with your children. 


Other learning ideas (French, Global Goals) can be found on the general page for this week. 



In-school learning

Home learning (Weds - Fri)


This week in maths we have continued our week on sequences. We have looked at nth terms and how to calculate them. We have also been identifying missing terms in sequences.

Consolidation Activity - 

For your home learning this week, we would like you to read the slides and complete the activity. This will involve finding pairs of numbers that satisfy an equation with two unknown variables


Organising animals according to characteristics – vertebrates and invertebrates.

Research Task
Research animals in unfamiliar habitats - create a fact file - see slide for details.

Passion Project

We have really enjoyed learning from the children about their passion including: palm oil, dance, lego, geckos, animals, turtles and even a stop motion film! 

Last call for passion projects! Next week will be your final chance to present your project so please prepare one ready to show us.



Have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing your children again next Monday. 


Miss Davis and Miss Pott