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Monday 8th June 2020

Good Morning Chestnut!


Home learning for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  How has your cress experiment developed? I’m sending you the results from day 2 and day 5 in this email, I’d love to see if your results are similar or different.


As last week, Mrs McLellan will be managing your emails on Monday and Tuesday and I will be back with you from Wednesday.


In English and reading we are starting a three week sequence on stories and story writing. This will include lots of small activities that will develop the children’s confidence to create stories that really show off their Y2 skills for writing. I’m hoping the recent topic work on dragons and castles will give them some material for their own stories, or that the books and stories they have been enjoying during lockdown will influence their ideas. Anything goes in creative writing so feel free to let them explore any subject that captures their imagination!


Monday – Wednesday  activities:

  • Reading, Hansel and Gretel,choose the worksheet for your child’s reading level
  • English activity 1 and 2
  • Grammar pick and Mix
  • Maths activity 1 and 2 – using data and creating charts
  • Maths Mixed operations
  • Science results day 2 and day 5


In addition to the above:

  • Read to you and with you, discuss what you are reading and use some of the lucky dip question prompts.
  • Choose an activity from the BBC bitesize program.
  • Play a maths game with a partner or use
  • Choose an activity from your wider curriculum menu sheet
  • Use Purple Mash for Maths or English activities.


You can email photos of your learning or anything you type to me at:

Have a lovely day.


Best wishes

Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Orchard