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Friday 12th June 2020

Welcome to Friday Team Maple,

I hope you have all had a good week despite the poor weather!  I have really enjoyed seeing everything you have all done!  There have been some lovely tasks taken from the wider Curriculum grid, and its been really nice to see how you are practicing your Spanish!


2 week house point round-up!

Blue team = 129

Green Team = 62

Red Team = 116

Yellow Team = 91

Well done Blue team, but well done to everyone for working so hard and earning your house points.


So Friday’s tasks:-

Keep active!  Keep enjoying your various keep fit favourites, but don’t forget this week’s dance challenge!


Keep spelling! (SPaG) Friday's are a chance to refocus on the Common Exception Words.


Keep writing!  Today I would like you to be creative with your writing this week.  Choose one part of your story.  Draw a picture of it and label with as many adjectives as you can.


Keep reading! Twice is ideal, plus listening to an adult read.  Remember to keep listening to or reading The Boy Who Grew dragons by Andy Shepherd.

There is a comprehension for today too.


Keep counting!  Today we have our weekly fluency challenge.  These are getting harder.  Please DON’T worry if there is a question your child struggles with.  I don’t expect everyone to be able to do all of them, but it would be helpful if you could let me know.  Thank you!


Wider Curriculum!  Today’s there isn't a specific activity, so please choose something from the Wider Curriculum activity grid. 


Purple Mash - I realise I haven't been very good at keeping onto of Purple Mash.  I have now commented on everybody's work and game/quiz scores.  I have delted some 2Do tasks and set a few new ones.  Please take a look at the noticeboard too as I have updated this.


Please remember you don’t need to print everything I am sending.  Most tasks can be completed on paper to save printing.  This is of course up to you though.


You can email photos of your learning or anything you type to me at: and I will reply to any emails that you send me with further challenges and ideas!  I will be online 9am -12pm each day.


Have a great day and a lovely weekend!!

From Mrs Stagg, Miss Black and Mrs Ring x