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Friday 12th June 2020

Hello Cedar, 


Welcome to the end of another great week of home learning.  I am looking forward to having a read of your explanation texts. I am sure they will be great.  I hope you have fun with today's wider curriculum task, where you will pretend to be Sir Francis Drake.


Here is a list of all the activities I would like you to have a go at today if you can.



Reading:Spend some quality time reading your own book for pleasure - can you make a prediction about what might happen next?


Spelling: Use a dictionary to check any ambitious spellings in your instruction writing.


Handwriting: The final day of your 'wizard' pangram practice. Don't forget to try and make up your own one as a challenge!


English: Writing a set of instructions...Oak Academy, as per Monday's instructions.


Maths: Use the BBC Bitesize page to look at 'Maths in Football'

There are also mastery and challenge mixed practice problems linked to decimals and fractions at the bottom of this message. Push yourself to have a go at the trickier problems if you are feeling confident about decimals and fractions.


Maths Meeting:


Wider Curriculum: History: Tudors. Put yourself in the shoes of Sir Francis Drake and decide if he was a privateer, pirate or explorer. Use the document below. Have some fun 'hot-seating' or being dramatic. Don't forget to send in a video clip or photos of you doing it!


Sport: Use the wider curriculum menu to complete at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

Spend some time on Times Table Rockstars


As always, I am here to help if you need anything and will be answering emails between 9 and 12.


Stay safe, 

Mrs Joseph