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Friday 12th June 2020

Dear Year 4 (12.6.20)


Hope you are all well and have had a good Thursday! Thank you to all those that contacted me and sent me pictures of your work. I've really enjoyed seeing your Maths work on coordinates as well as your fantastic English work using a submarine as a setting, some of you have even created a poem based around a submarine! I also hope you all enjoyed the French work and having a go at Mrs Couch's spellings test. Today Mrs Smith is in school, so if Pine class have any queries or questions please email me,


For Maths I have attached some more activities based on coordinates and plotting points. First I'd like you to work through the attached power point which will re-cap what you know about coordinates so far. Then have a go at the activity work sheets, here you will challenge yours by now plotting points in four quadrants rather just one, see if you can draw the shapes correctly. Remember to read the plot points carefully! The answers are also with the worksheets in case you get stuck.

If you would like to, you can follow the link bellow to the Nrich website, which contains lots of fun maths games based on coordinates.


Please refer to the writing sheet for today's writing focus, Friday 12th June is to write something based on the character of a flamingo, please use your imagination and present your ideas in whatever way you wish, the more creative the better! Use all your writing techniques to make this an amazing piece of writing. I have also attached two additional comprehension activities for you to complete, one is trickier than the other so you have a choice.


Finally, please choose a task off the menu of activities as your extra task for the afternoon or continue with one you've already. As Mrs Smith said in yesterdays email, these will be updated for next week, so now if your chance to choose the tasks you really want to do.

Make sure you all work to a schedule that best fits you and continue reading regularly everyday as much as possible and learning your spellings.


You can email photos of your learning to me at: and I will reply to any emails that you send me, I can provide you with further challenges and ideas if you wish! I will be available to respond to your learning this morning until midday.


I look forward to seeing the fantastic learning you guys get up to.


Mr Joyce

Acer Class Teacher