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Redbourn Primary School

This is the Schools Motto

Friday 12th June 2020

Here are Friday’s suggested activities:

  • Keep active –  Take part in Joe Wick’s PE session or go for a run or bike ride.
  • Keep reading –  Read to a grown up and listen to a grown up read.
  • Enjoy poetry – Write your own free verse poem - Include repeated phrases and ideas from the mind map. Have a look at my example. You might like to use the template.
  • Keep using your phonics – Watch today’s phonics lesson which will be available from 10:30am. Today’s focus is ‘ou’ - touch 
    Alternatively, revise the phase 5 graphemes by playing a game on Phonics Play.
  • Keep spelling – Choose 5 spellings from the Year 1 word list and complete a ‘look, cover, write’ activity.
  • Keep calculating – Click on the link and have a go at:  Summer Term – Week 7 – Lesson 4  - Add equal groups (worksheet and answers attached).
  • Keep up-to-date -  Watch Newsround -
  • Get musical – Listen to this piece of music of your choosing: What does it make you think of? Draw a picture to go with the music – is it a pattern/place? What colours have you used?


Have fun!

From Mrs Turner and Miss Lunt