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Friday 12th June 2020

Good Morning Chestnut Class


Happy Friday!



Well done for all your hard work this week, we have REALLY enjoyed your story starters and seeing your imaginative plans for stories.


There are lots of cress experiments going on, keep watching and recording your results. Next week we should be able to compare the results across the class.


There have been loads of house points given out by Mrs McLellan, Mrs Orchard and I, and I completely forgot to send last week house points so here we go, two weeks worth of house points....


Yellow 23

Blue 19

Green 21

Red 18


Mrs McLellan and I had a long chat about what we give house points for, and we agreed it is for when you are showing the attitude to learning skills that we would celebrate in class. Remember parents you are also allowed to give house points when you've seen them working hard! Generally 1 house point for each of the positive attitudes is the currency we use in Chestnut class!




Risk Taking

Good thinking




All these skills make you the awesome learners you are - keep it up Chestnut Class you make us all so proud!


Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend


Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Orchard and Mrs McLellan