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Redbourn Primary School

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Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning Team Acorns

Today is Physical Friday and these are the activities you might like to try.

Physical Development: Can you practise some superhero moves today? Running to rescue someone, jumping up as if you are about to fly, jump off an object (with grown-up supervision), rolling.

Mathematical Development: Today we want you to be a superhero and rescue the numbers. Get your grown-up to hide some numbers around the house or garden (start with recognising 1-5, or use higher numbers if children are able to) Call out a number and children have to run to rescue that number. Time yourself and see how quickly you can rescue them all. Can you beat your time?

Story: Can you find out some information today from a non-fiction book? Think of a question you would like to know the answer to and see if you can find out using the book.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Tell your teachers something you would like them to know about what has happened while we were in lockdown. Think about whether it gave you a happy or sad feeling.

Have a wonderful day and we hope you all have an enjoyable weekend,

Best wishes

Mrs Keith and Mrs Grimes