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Friday 19th June 2020

Happy Friday Hazel Class!


I hope you've enjoyed this week of home learning. Good luck with your writing task today - I'm sure your letters to Key Workers will be wonderful.


Here are all of the tasks I would like you to have a go at today:


English: Writing and editing a thank you letter. Review yesterday's BBC Bitesize then go back over your plan. Look at the success criteria in today's document before you write...and check again while you are editing. Document found under the English tab: 19.06.20 English Task


Reading: Read for pleasure today, as your writing task will take you some time.


Handwriting: Practise this week's pangram one final time. wc 15.06.20 Handwriting Task


Spelling: Use a dictionary to check the spelling of ambitious words in your thank you letter.


Maths:Lesson 5: Describe position after translation (multiple points)

Maths Meeting:


Wider Curriculum: History: Learn about The Tudor King, Henry VIII, and his many wives. Task found under Wider Curriculum tab: 19.06.20 History Task


Monday's message will contain details of how we will continue to provide home learning, while also teaching the children who have returned to school.


Mrs Gardner will be responding to your emails today between 9-12.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


I am really looking forward to seeing some of you at school on Monday.


Mrs Couch