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Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning Year 3, 


I hope you're all well and managed to enjoy the sunshine yesterday! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your emails yesterday, both Miss Thomas and myself have been in school preparing the year 3 classrooms. l However, I look forward to seeing what you've all been getting up to today. Please remember that Mrs Thomas is also in School on Fridays, so if you have any questions please send them to


Today's learning:

English:   Take a look at the story 'The Present' about a boy who can’t seem to be dragged away from his computer game until his mother brings him a gift.



'The Present' is a short 4 minute animation created by Jacob Frey. The film is about a young boy who seems to prefer his computer games to anything else. Nothing can seem to drag him away. Until his mother leaves him a gift - an adorable puppy. The boy thinks the puppy is cool until he realises that the puppy has a leg missing.



 The choose on of the follow up activities from the English worksheet for Friday 26th June. 


Maths: BBC bitesize - Friday Maths challenge


Wider curriculum: Choose an activity from the wider curriculum menu.


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Best Wishes, 


Miss Thomas