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Redbourn Primary School

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Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning Acorn Class!


We hope you have had a great week of learning, both in Nursery and at home.


Today’s suggested tasks are as follows:


Physical Development: If you still have any activities left to complete from the Rainbows Games, finish them today or over the weekend. We would like you to email in your scores on Monday.


Mathematical Development: We would like you to play a game with a dice today. Work on recognising the number of dots and how many you need to move.


Story: Read your favourite story. Why is it your favourite story? What do you like about it? Do you have a favourite part?


Creative and Physical Development: Sing the song ‘Sleeping bunnies’ and join in with the actions – hopping, skipping and jumping. For the tune listen here:


Have a wonderful weekend,



Best wishes

Mrs Keith and Mrs Grimes