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Redbourn Primary School

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Home Learning

Home Learning

Date set: 17.01.20



Year Group








Add two numbers together by using objects such as conkers, cereal or toys etc. Record your findings.



Draw a picture of your house and write 3 sentences describing your house and it’s location.



Take a photo, or draw a picture, of what a typical family meal time looks like in your family.



In Maths, we have been focusing on division. Please complete the division worksheet.


In English we have been practising extending our sentences using subordinating conjunctions. Please complete the worksheet provided.



Compare and classify the Quadrilaterals. Choose either questions A, B or C to answer. Show your working on the opposite page

We have been studying warning tales in English this week and have learnt that it can be tricky to resist temptations. How will Mr Bean be able to resist the temptation to push the Red Button? What might the consequences be?



Finding equivalent fractions.

Sun Reading comprehension



One section A, B or C (due in on Wednesdays) 

This week the children will be a missing punctuation activity

 It continues to be hugely important that your child reads regularly. Each time they read to you please sign their reading record to say that they have read. This should happen at least three times each week. A signed record must be handed in, in order for your child to advance up the Reading Ladder each week.