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Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning Chestnut!


Home learning for w/c 15th June


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, it was Ella’s birthday on Saturday, so Happy Birthday Ella! We hope you had a lovely day.


Home learning is presented a little differently this week. Firstly you have the whole week on the Y2 Chestnut home page grouped into subjects. I have suggested a timetable to give you a overview of the week and the key learning in each subject, but you can structure your days in anyway you like.  I hope this helps to give your family a bit more flexibility to accommodate home learning whenever it works for you.


For those of you in Mrs Orchard's keyworker group she will be following the timetable.


I’m very excited for this weeks English – so much so that I am back on YouTube reading the Snow Dragon and introducing the activities to you! It continues our learning about how stories are created and how you can develop your own skills to be story-tellers – I hope you enjoy it!


In maths we are using the White Rose teaching sequence, again a change from what we have been doing, but the next few weeks on this learning platform fit with what Mrs Stagg and I would have been teaching to you, so it felt a good time to trial it  and see how you get on.


In Wider Curriculum you will be looking at castles across the UK and deciding which is your favourite to create a fact file all about it. My favourite castle is one in Pembrokeshire, Wales called Manobier Castle, I’ve written a fact file for you to have a read of. Did you know Berkhamsted has the ruins of a Motte and Bailey style of castle, sadly in ruins now, but Orlando and his family have visited and report back that is still quite exciting.


Several of you were interested in how dragons fly, sadly I couldn’t find the answer to this, but I was interested by how dragonflies look like helicopters, and that led me to an investigation into helicopters! Combining science and DT your project is to investigate how helicopters fly and conduct your own experiment.


Have a lovely week of learning and send us photos of your activities!


Best wishes,


Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Orchard and Mrs McLellan