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Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning Hazel Class!


Welcome to week 10 of Home Learning and week 13 of lockdown!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Did anyone visit the Redbourn Market in the car park of the Village Hall on Saturday?


The way to find your home learning resources has changed a little bit this week, but we hope it will make it easier to go back and find things if you skipped a day or want to go over any information.

From today there is a tab called 'attachments for w/c 15.06.20'

The weekly timetable is there...and, where possible, the links to websites we are using are embedded in the timetable to make it easy to click through.

Also under that tab will be subject headings, and all the resources we mention in our emails will be under those tabs.

If you have any problems finding anything, please ping me an email with 'HELP!' in the title, so that I know it needs immediate attention, otherwise I tend to work my way up my inbox from oldest email first.


Here are the tasks I would like you to have a go at today please:


English: This week you are working towards writing a thank you letter. We are using BBC Bitesize tasks in the buildup and I will add to that with further information near the end of the week. For today you are practising simile and metaphor. Please follow the link on the timetable, or here:



Spelling: Keep practising the words you find most tricky from the Year 5 & 6 word list. Use the spelling activity menu you have already been sent, to find an interesting way to practise them.


Handwriting: You will find a new pangram in the resourcces tab, file callled: wc 15.06.20 Handwriting Practice

Use this to keep up your handwriting practice. I decided to do the challenge task and I have made up a Hazel Class pangram - I hope you like it!


Reading: We are going back to Purple Mash this chapter 2 of the book you started a few weeks ago. Find all the information under the resources tab, file called: wc 15.06.20 Reading Task


Maths: We are using Oak Academy lessons to look at Translation and coordinates this week. Follow the instructions and video information carefully. The links are on the timetable, or here:



Maths Meetings: Since lockdown began, I have recorded over 7 hours of content for you to practise with, in 42 separate Maths Meetings. Please go back to the beginning and start again, as these are intended as a repeated fluency practice. The link for today is on the timetable, or here :


Wider Curriculum: French. Mme Willis has provided a Powerpoint Quiz, a map and some information about the Tour de France. All the documents are under the resources tab, files called :15.06.20 French TourdeFrance Quiz, 15.06.20 TourdeFrance, 15.06.20 French map.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you all today!

Mrs Couch