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Monday 15th June 2020

Dear Year 4 (15.6.20)


Hope you are all well and have had a good weekend! Thank you to all those that contacted me last week and sent me pictures of your work. I've really enjoyed seeing your Maths work on coordinates, you've all been working so hard with them. I also enjoyed seeing your fantastic writing that you all came up with as well as your various extracurricular tasks that you've started. Today I am in school, so if you have any queries or questions please email Mrs Smith:


I have created a timetable for this week's home learning, it is there to help add some structure to the week and give you an idea of what is coming up. Mrs Smith and I will try to stick to it as best we can, however inevitably things might change.


Please refer to the writing sheet for today's writing focus. Choose at least one task, more is better, from the past three days. Either, write a short story based on 'Visiting the Queen' (Saturday's task), come up with a poem about 'Someone in your house' (Sunday's task) or come up with some creative writing based around 'receiving a mysterious parcel' (Monday's task).


There is also a Science task linked to our recent topic of using nature. The title of this experiment is 'Turn a leaf into a boat'. You will be trying to understand the effects water has on keeping a leaf afloat. Feel free to experiment with different leaf and different volumes of water, see if there are any differences. Finally, write your findings in a paragraph.


I have updated the extracurricular menu with new tasks for you to choose from, hopefully you enjoy working on these in your afternoons. I look forward to seeing the fantastic learning you guys get up to. Make sure you all work to a schedule that best fits you.


Continue reading regularly everyday as much as possible and learning your spellings.


You can email photos of your learning to me at: and I will reply to any emails that you send me, I can provide you with further challenges and ideas if you wish! I will be available to respond to your learning this morning until midday.



Mr Joyce

Acer Class Teacher