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Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning Year 3.


Welcome back to anther week of home learning. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. As always it has been so lovely to receive the work you have completed and some great feedback on how we can improve home learning going forward. This is incredibly useful for planning. 


Miss Lee is in school on Monday and Tuesday, so if you have any questions please direct them to




This week we will be focusing on poetry. For today's lesson we would like you to watch the BBC teach lesson 1. Afterwards, you can practise performing the Poem, The Magic Box by Kit Wright.  I have purposely chosen this poem because the children are familiar with it, which should be helpful. I have also included some extra poems for any children that what to have a go at them too.




Because White Rose are going back over the fractions work we have already completed and they have no lessons for time, that include the very helpful video lessons, we are going to move on to shape. But don't worry, we will come back to time at a later date, when I have found some more useful resources. 


Read through the PDF and the complete worksheet 1A - tricky, 1B - trickier or 1C trickiest. Children need to match the shape names to the correct shape. When finished, children then choose three of the shapes and write a shape riddle with details of the shape properties, without using the shape name. Children to then read their description to a family member. Can they identify which shape was being described?


There is also this lesson on BBC teach on properties of 2D shapes. I hope you find it useful.


Wider curriculum:


DT - I know a lot of you are not in school at the moment and must be missing playing in the playground with your friends. There is a design your own playground activity. The instructions do give you an idea of materials you could use, if you don't have these you can use anything else you have. After you have designed it you could have a go at making a model of it. 


As always, I look forward to seeing your work.


Best wishes.


Miss Lee & Miss Thomas