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Monday 22nd June 2020

Good Morning Year 6 families,


We hope you have had a productive and successful week. This week we would like you to continue with the work previously set (activity grid, daily activities, passion project)


Additional to this, we have attached some activities for you to complete.

  • PE - it's Sports Week - try out some socially distanced games!
  • French - Weather - 

Message from Madame Willis: 

The first one is a revision of weather terms which you can look at in conjunction with the second one which shows how a weather forecast is built up. There is a map of France at the end of PowerPoint 2 which can be printed off and the children can fill this in for north, south of France etc. 


PowerPoint 3 gives you more info on how to build up a script to present as the weather forecast. 


  • Science - (Bubble 2, you'll find this under your dated link for this week as well - same activity) 


We will be creating a new activity grid for you to access from next Monday - so see how much you can fit in between now and then! 


Have a great week and be kind, ALWAYS!


Miss Davis and Miss Pott