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Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello Year 5, 


We are sure that many of you are eager and excited to begin back at school this week.  You also may be a little nervous or anxious about what school will be like.  For those of you that are continuing their learning from home you may be feeling happy and comfortable to be continuing on with the routines you have set for yourselves over the last couple of months or you may be worried that you are missing out on some experiences your classmates are having.  Whatever your situation is,  there is no right or wrong, good or bad way to be feeling about it.  We all had different experiences, expectations and emotions as we went into Lockdown and we will continue to do so as we find ourselves coming out of it.  


As we all are having a mixture of experiences moving forward - you might be learning from home, coming into school a couple days a week with the class or be a part of a key worker bubble - we thought we would explain what home and school learning will look like moving forwards.


Here is what you should know: 

  • We will be writing one "email" a week to be posted on the school website.  This should be used alongside the timetable and will help to give you some context for the tasks that are set
  • If you are learning from home full time, continue to follow the timetable that is on the school website. 
  • If you are in the Thursday/Friday bubble, follow along with the English and maths tasks for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as they appear on the timetable.  You may complete the English and maths activities for Thursday and Friday if you want to.  For the afternoons that you are learning from home, you may select whichever wider curriculum tasks you would like to do from the timetable in addition to your 30 minutes of physical activity.
  • If you are in one the Monday/Tuesday bubbles and are beginning your learning from home on a Wednesday, complete the English and maths activities for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the remainder of the week.  We have written these days as day 1, 2 and 3 on the timetable to help make it clear which days you should be completing which activities.  You may complete the English and maths activities for Thursday and Friday if you want to.  For the afternoons that you are learning from home, you may select whichever wider curriculum tasks you would like to do from the timetable in addition to your 30 minutes of physical activity.
  • You should continue to email your class email with any questions you have about the tasks and examples of your home learning for house points and/or feedback.  Mrs Joseph will continue to respond to Cedar class emails throughout the week.  Hazel class emails will be monitored by the following teachers:  
    • Monday/Tuesday: Mrs Joseph
    • Wednesday: Mrs Couch will check for problems and  will comment on a specific piece of work you are especially proud of, but will not be giving feedback for every piece of work as Wednesday is now a planning day, in line with the rest of the year-groups which have returned to school.
    • Thursday/Friday: Mrs Gardener
  • The work that is set in class and online will cover the same topics so by the end of the year, all pupils will have covered the same content.

Here are the tasks we would like you to have a go at this week if you can:


English:  This week we are going to be looking at story writing and characters.  For Lesson 3 (Wednesday) we have attached a sheet with some subordinating conjunctions to help you (wc 22.06.20 subordinating conjuctions).  For those of you learning from home all week, we have attached a planning template (25.06.20 English task planning template) and success criteria (26.06.20 English task success criteria) for your story.


Spelling and handwriting: Complete the tasks from the timetable.  See documents wc 22.06.20 Spelling year 3/4 look say cover write check sheet, wc 22.06.20 Spelling year 5/6 look say cover write check sheet  and wc 22.06.20 Handwriting practice.


Reading: Nightmare Machine Chapter 3.  Follow instructions on document wc 22.06.20 Reading task 


Maths: This week we are learning about reflections.  Follow along with the Oak Academy lessons. Links for the lessons are found on the timetable.  Alternatively you can go here for access to transformation lessons 6-10


Maths meetings: We will continue to revisit maths meetings from earlier in the year.  Links for the videos can be found on the timetable or here  We will be completing the meetings from 30th March to 3rd April.


PE:  This week is sports week.  We have attached a range of activities for you to complete (wc 22.06.20 sport week activities and 22.06.20 sport week pupil instructions).  These activities will also be completed in school for those children that are in a bubble.  There is a housepoints sheet (wc 22.06.20 sport week score sheet) attached for you to record your housepoints at home.  When you have finished your learning from home for the week, send us your housepoint totals. 


Wider curriculum: Please see the timetable for activities.


As always, if you have any questions we are here to help.  You can contact us via the class emails between 9 and 12.


Stay safe, 


Mrs Joseph and Mrs Couch


PS...from Mrs Couch

Lovely Hazel Class, I would like to thank you all for the hard work, dedication and commitment you have shown towards your school work during this time. You have all become much more independent and able to motivate yourselves and, you might not realise it yet, but this strange time will have taught you lots about yourself and how to learn and study as you move on through your school life.

The work, messages, pictures, emojis, gifs, photos and comments that you have sent me have made Lockdown much better for me, so thank you all very much.

I can't wait to see some of you on Monday...If that's not you, I will continue you miss you so much and even though I'm not responding as much to emails, I will still be keeping an eye on all the great things you are up to.

Keep up all your hard work. You are making me and your grownups really proud of you.

Mrs Couch😊