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Monday 8th June 2020

Hi Team Maple!


I hope you have all had a good weekend!


There are a few changes and new things to make you aware of.

  • As Sunday evening emails now need to cover three days there would be a lot of attachments, so these will now be saved on the school website for you to find.
  • I have created a Wider Curriculum Activity grid.  This is following feedback from parents plus the knowledge that more parents are working and some children in school part of the week, so some flexibility is needed.  I will leave 1 or 2 afternoons free to work on tasks from the grid, but you may find they fit in at other times in the week too.  Some are long tasks and others are lessons with videos.  Please don’t feel you need to complete them all!! I have simply tried to plan a range of activities to give choice and flexibility.  As with all tasks they aren’t compulsory.
  • You will also notice I am setting handwriting tasks again.  This is also following feedback from parents.  Again, please don’t feel you need to complete them all.  Some task will suit different children.  I would love to see what you do though.


As with last week, I will be in school Monday and Tuesday so Mrs McLellan will be responding to your emails 9-12pm, and I will be back on Wednesday and look forward to seeing all your fabulous work.


Thank you for all of your lovely emails with birthday messages and thanks for the work I am setting.  I am so glad the tasks are working for most of you.  I welcome any feedback to make things work for as many of you as possible.


So this week’s learning:

Keep active!  Keep enjoying Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, Andy's Wild Workouts, Go Noodle, Just Dance, Bike Rides or Walks.  Weekly Challenge: Choose a short piece of music to create a dance routine.  If it helps you could think about animal movements (like we did last term) or use props like a ball or ribbons.  If possible record your dance and send me a video.


Keep spelling! (SPaG) This week we continue to practice understanding the word classes. 

Monday – Is it a noun or verb?  Practice identifying nouns and verbs to solve a problem, Tuesday – Find nouns in your reading book and Wednesday – Find adjectives in your reading book.

Please do also keep revising the Year 2 CEW’s and Year 1 words if necessary.


Keep writing!  This week we are exploring the use of time connectives again, this time to write a story starter and plan a story.  A chance to be creative and imaginative with some story writing again.

Handwriting: We continue focusing on forming letters and practicing them in simple words.


Keep reading! Twice is ideal, plus listening to an adult read.  Remember to keep listening to or reading The Boy Who Grew dragons by Andy Shepherd.

Today I would like you to complete the Hansel and Gretel Comprehension.  You will see there are 3 versions.  Please complete the one for your reading level.


Keep counting!  This week we are focusing on Statistics.  We start with creating a tally chart, then Tuesday you will make a block graph and Wednesday you will answer questions on a range of graphs and charts.


Wider Curriculum!  Today I’d like you to continue the castles theme by creating your own Coat of Arms.  I know a few of you have done this before following another lesson so don’t feel you have to do this again unless you would like to.  You also have the Wider Curriculum Activity Grid you could start exploring.

I have set Tuesday to begin analysing your cress seed experiments, as cress can grow quickly, but don’t worry if you can do this yet.  Just have a look when you can. 

I have heard from so many of you that you enjoyed the Spanish lesson last week, so I will set these every Wednesday.  I have added the link to the overview.


Wellbeing – Please remember the Wellbeing menu I sent before half term.  There is a whole set of lovely ideas to think about your mental wellbeing.  It is important to take care of this!


Purple Mash


I hope all of the makes sense!  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and remember there are lots of activities for those that want them.  Be flexible and achieve what you are able to.  Also, please remember you don’t need to print everything I am sending.  Most tasks can be completed on paper to save printing.  This is of course up to you though.


As always, you can email photos of your learning or anything you type to Mrs McLellan and I at: and we will reply to any emails that you send with feedback and further challenges if needed.!  I will be online 9am -12pm each day.


Have fun, keep being creative and have a great week!!

From Mrs Stagg, Miss Black and Mrs Ring x