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2nd - 17th June 2020

Sycamore and Hawthorn Week 2nd June – 17th June 

Hi there Sycamore and Hawthorn! We hope you had a great, relaxing half term and enjoyed the sunshine! To keep in contact, we will be sending home a fortnightly email detailing activities that you can complete.

If you are attending school part of the week: complete the morning routine as usual (see below). Use the ongoing section to structure your learning from home for maths, English and the afternoon. We may also set you home learning tasks that complement activities we have completed in class. You can also use the activity grid if you wish.

If you aren’t attending school: complete the morning routine as usual (see below). Use the ongoing section to structure your learning from home for maths, English and the afternoon. Select tasks from the activity grids to add structure to your afternoons.

Please see the pdf attachment which illustrates the above information.


On Wednesdays we will be both working from home for planning and preparation and may respond to any urgent emails regarding learning. We will not be able to respond to all emails; however, please feel free to send us any work your child is proud of as we would still love to see these.


Everyday routine



  • Read to your parent/carer. This is SO important. Use the reading skills characters document attached last term or on the website
  • Watch Newsround (
  • Go onto Times Tables Rockstars – I’ll be looking at each individual child’s progress today 
  • Spellings: We have attached the spelling menu in which we had been selecting activities from each day. Each day choose one that you would like to complete. Remember that each week you should be looking at a new rule, placing these in your LWCC sheets (also attached) and being tested on them.
  • Maths and English: We would like you to follow the Oak Academy timetable for maths and English each day. This will provide a structure and will allow you to consolidate prior learning. You may also complete any outstanding work or busters.
  • Afternoon: Select a task from the activity grid or choose an ongoing project from the list. We would recommend you complete a PE activity each day or spend some time outside. This is very important not only for your physical health but you mental well-being as well.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for you ongoing support throughout this time. Both of us are working hard to ensure that your children receive the correct provision. During this time, we are placing a great deal of importance on mental well-being, transition and PSHE. We aim to work with all of Year 6, those attending school and those learning from home. We intend to do this in line with a transition booklet designed specifically for this, which you will be able to access via a PDF document. We will share more on this over the coming weeks, once we have settled into the new ‘normal.’ 

We wanted to reassure both parents and children that we have not forgotten that this is an important and nerve wracking time as they transition to secondary; we will do our best to help facilitate this and most importantly support the well-being of all our Y6 pupils.


Please keep in touch. Good luck. Stay safe and be kind, ALWAYS.

Miss Pott and Miss Davis.