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Thursday 11th June 2020

Good morning Beech Class!


Another super few days of learning! Thank you for sharing what you have been doing with us. Mrs Currie will be back today and tomorrow to respond to your emails. We are really looking forward to seeing how your poems turn out. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Here are Wednesday’s house point totals:

Blue – 35

Green – 30

Red- 7

Yellow – 68

Well done Yellow Team!


Here are Thursday’s suggested activities:

  • Keep active –  Take part in Joe Wick’s PE session or complete a Cosmic Kids yoga session.
  • Keep reading –  Read to a grown up and listen to a grown up read.
  • Discover poetry - Have a look at yesterday’s mind map – are there any words that you could add to make alliteration (rusty roof or whizzing wheels), can you add an onomatopoeia (sound words such as crash or whizz)? Have a look at the example.
  • Keep using your phonics – Watch today’s phonics lesson which will be available from 10:30am. Today’s focus is ‘ch’ - school 
    Alternatively, play the alternative pronunciation of ‘ch’ sorting game attached.
  • Keep writing – Have a look at the ‘easy letters’ on Letter Join and check you are forming them correctly. Practise any you are finding tricky.
  • Keep counting – Click on the link and have a go at:  Summer Term – Week 7 – Lesson 3  - Count in tens (worksheet, challenge activities and answers attached).
  • Keep up-to-date -  Watch Newsround -
  • Get musical - Listen to a piece of music of your choosing – can you keep a steady beat using your body? (clapping, tapping, clicking etc) How would you describe the music? What was the tempo like? Did the tempo stay the same or did it change?


Have fun!

From Mrs Turner and Miss Lunt