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Thursday 11th June 2020

Good Morning Chestnut!


Home learning for Thursday


Some great stories being thought about this week, set in a variety of places, with some interesting characters;

  • Under the cold, white shimmering ice….
  • Deep in the dark winter of the Arctic…
  • The woolly mammoth from the ice age was waking up…
  • A fearsome dragon was smoking and ready to pounce…


We do love your creativity Chestnut Class! I can’t wait to hear the story plans from these starters, or the dun dun dah….! Cliff hangers!




Thursday’s  activities:

  • Maths is continuing with the data interpretation and reading graphs
  • English is what happened next!
  • Dictation
  • Hugs by Post – this is lovely project reaching out to folks who are alone during this lockdown, I know my own mum was very touched when she received some drawings from her local primary school in Winchester.

I’ve asked our lovely admin team to put Friday’s activities on the website too, from your feedback,  you like the opportunity to pick and mix the tasks you do with your children. I’m more than happy to put the whole week up grouped into subjects if that helps, if you can, drop me a line with some feedback as to how to manage it best for our class.



In addition to the above:

  • Read to you and with you, discuss what you are reading and use some of the lucky dip question prompts.
  • Choose an activity from the BBC bitesize program.
  • Play a maths game with a partner or use
  • Choose an activity from your wider curriculum menu sheet
  • Use Purple Mash for Maths or English activities.



You can email photos of your learning or anything you type to me at:

Have a lovely day.


Best wishes

Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Orchard