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Thursday 11th June 2020

Welcome to Thursday Maple class,


I have loved looking through all your emails from the beginning of the week.  It looks like everyone is still having fun despite the bad weather.  Hopefully the grass and plants will get the watering they need and we will get some sun shine back before too long.


So Thursday’s tasks:-

Keep active!  Keep enjoying your various keep fit favourites, but don’t forget this week’s dance challenge!  Weekly Challenge: Choose a short piece of music to create a dance routine. If it helps you could think about animal movements (like we did last term) or use props like a ball or ribbons. If possible record your dance and send me a video.


Keep spelling! (SPaG) Today there is a mixed activity SPaG mat.  Please let me know if there is anything they find tricky.

Please do also keep revising the Year 2 CEW’s and Year 1 words if necessary.


Keep writing!  Today I'd like you to use time connectives to sequence a story plan based on the pictures you used for the story starter.  Handwriting: n m h


Keep reading! Twice is ideal, plus listening to an adult read.  Remember to keep listening to or reading The Boy Who Grew dragons by Andy Shepherd.  There is an optional short comprehension too.


Keep counting!  Today you have some word problems to solve.


Wider Curriculum!  Hugs by Post task: This is a lovely community project to send lovely pictures and messages to vulnerable people. Please see attachment for more details. If you are coming into school or have a sibling coming in we can post for you as a bundle.


Wellbeing – Please remember the Wellbeing menu I sent before half term.  There is a whole set of lovely ideas to think about your mental wellbeing.  It is important to take care of this!


Purple Mash


Please remember you don’t need to print everything I am sending.  Most tasks can be completed on paper to save printing.  This is of course up to you though.


You can email photos of your learning or anything you type to me at: and I will reply to any emails that you send me with further challenges and ideas!  I will be online 9am -12pm each day.


Have a great day!

From Mrs Stagg, Miss Black and Mrs Ring x