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Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning Chestnut class,


I'm pleased you have enjoyed The Snow Dragon sequence, you are really showing some great prediction and inference skills, well done!


Today's English is all about being able to rewrite the story, but in your own words. So think carefully about the important stages in the story;

  • How did the author introduce the story?

  • Who were the main characters and were they good or bad?

  • What was the problem?

  • How did the main characters solve the problem?

  • Was it a happy ending?

Have you all recorded your results from the cress experiment? What happened and can you explain why? This is called the conclusion, have a look at my short video to help you understand the results and explain why.


The conclusion sheet and full results are still on the website under Friday 12th June.


Great job with the maths on shape Chestnut class -  you seem to have enjoyed the different style of Maths this week.


Have a lovely day and keep sending us your activities and any photos of you having fun!


Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Orchard