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Thursday 25th June 2020

Good morning Year Three, 


I hope you all had a chance to enjoy the sunshine yesterday! Tomorrow, I will be in school again so Elm if you have any queries please email them to


Today's learning:



Please watch the video: making pictures with words 

Once you have watched the video take a photo of a person/place or something that inspires you. Now imagine you are trying to describe the picture to someone who can't see it. Write a poem about it using all of the skills you have learnt over the past two weeks. You can decide which type of poem you want to create! Paint a picture with your words! 



Please watch today's White Rose video on parallel and perpendicular lines. All of this week's White Rose videos have been added to the website; they're at the bottom of the Maths attachments page, in a folder named 'Year- 3-Summer-Week-9-1.pdf'. 

Then complete the activity on parallel and perpendicular lines. 


Wider Curriculum:

In the afternoon please choose an activity from the wider curriculum menu to complete or spend some time outside playing in the sunshine. 


I look forward to hearing about your learning. 


Best Wishes, 


Miss Thomas