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Redbourn Primary School

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Thursday 25th June 2020

Good morning Team Acorn


We hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and managed to enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Please keep emailing us the activities you decide to do at home. We love seeing them.

Today’s suggested tasks are as follows:


Phonics: Have some consonant, vowel, consonant objects (e.g. bus, hen, pig, bun, cup. Dog, pen) or use the picture resource saved in the communication and language section on the website. Children to have a go at breaking down the sounds they can hear in the words e.g. b-u-s. If they need support, adult to segment first and children to copy. If your child would like a challenge they could try and write the sounds they can hear in the word.


Physical Development: Try another activity from the Rainbows Games. Good luck!


Mathematical Development: Scavenger hunt. On your daily walk or in the garden we would like you to look for these things: blue flower, snail, cat, bird, daisy. Record how many of each thing you find by drawing or using symbols.


Story: Choose a really familiar story that you know really well. It could be one we have read recently such as the Hungry Caterpillar or you might like to choose a traditional tale. Can you create a story map to retell the story? Draw pictures to show what happened. You could challenge yourself to write words to label it or ask your adult to.


Personal, social and emotional development: Draw a picture or write a message to your friends or Nursery teachers which we can share with the other children/staff in Nursery.


Have a great day,



Best wishes

Mrs Keith and Mrs Grimes