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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hello Hazel class!

Thanks for all the initial feedback on the Oak Academy Translation lessons.

I'm glad you like watching actual teachers, rather than just reading PowerPoints.

It looks like the sun might be heading off on holiday for a few days, so try to get outside for exercise when you can, or make sure you are doing some physical activity inside.


Here are the tasks I would like you to have a go at today please.


English: BBC Bitesize: Using homophones and paragraphs

Link on the weekly timetable and also here:




Reading: Purple Mash reading task. Information in the document found under 'English':

wc 15.06.20 Reading Task


Handwriting: Write out your pangram 3 times. Document found under 'English':

wc 15.06.20 Handwriting Practice Hazel.


Spelling: Complete the Look, say, cover, write, check sheets for Yr 3&4 and Yr 5&6 ahead of a spelling test for 3/4 and a dictation paragraph for 5/6 this week. Documents found under 'English':

Year 5&6 Look, say...Week 8

Year 3&4 Look, say...Week 7


Maths: Continue with the Oak Academy Translation work.

Link on the weekly timetable and also here:




Maths Meeting: We are re-visiting the skills you practised at the start of Lockdown, with the very first week of maths meetings, waaaaay back in March!

Link on the weekly timetable and also here:


Wider Curriculum: Geography: Today you will begin a 'human geography' research project, which will take several weeks to complete. Document found under 'wider curriculum':

16.06.20 Geography task week 1


I've added Mrs Gardner's house points from Thurs & Fri to my list and here are the totals for last week:

(Remember some house colours have more children contributing than others, so be proud of all the points you have won for your own efforts and work, even if your house was not the top scoring house this week.)

Blue: 365

Red: 260

Yellow: 125

Green: 60


I hope you enjoy today's tasks.

Let me know if you need any help, and I will be on the end of the email.

(I am participating in a spelling webinar from 9:30 - 11:00 so I won't be able to respond during this time...If you have an urgent query during that time, please email Mrs Joseph:


Mrs Couch