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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good morning Year 3, 


It's been so lovely to catch up on all of your learning from the past couple of days. I've particularly enjoyed reading your poetry - the children have shown fantastic creativity and confidence to express themselves. I hope they're enjoying this opportunity to voice and share their own thoughts and feelings about everyday life. Tomorrow, Miss Lee is in school so fir class please email any queries to 




Please watch the White Rose video on comparing angles. All of this week's White Rose videos have been added to the website; they're at the bottom of the Maths attachments page, in a folder named 'Year- 3-Summer-Week-9-1.pdf'. 


Then complete the activity on comparing angles. 




Watch the video 'do poems need to rhyme?'

After you've watched this, practise writing your own clerihew. 




This week we are recapping numbers. Read through the instructions for the game 'plus haut, plus bas', then have a go at playing it, enjoy! There is a number sheet attached, which tells you all of the numbers up to 31, use this to help you. 



This weeks spelling test will be in the form of a dictation that contains spellings (from the word list) in context. This is because all of the spellings have been covered in regular tests now. If you are struggling with the additional challenge of writing and recalling entire sentences, then you could go back and start from the beginning again with the straight forward spelling tests instead. We will send out the link for the spelling test on Friday. 



Please make sure you are scheduling in time to be outside in the sunshine. This week's weather is forecast to be very sunny so please make the most of this! I'm excited to hear about what's been keeping you all busy. 


Best Wishes, 


Miss Thomas