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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good Morning Team Oak!                                                                  Date: 23.06.20



What a beautiful start to the week! We have really enjoyed seeing your English work using adjectives and alliteration to describe what would be in your bucket, we’ve had; tiny tadpoles and sharp toothed sharks as well as whooping whales, shiny shells and salty wet water. We have also seen some beautiful and creative ‘hugs by post’ and even videos of you reading us stories – you are all fantastic! Thank you for continuing to send us examples of work, we really enjoy seeing them. Please remember we are here for feedback, queries and support should you need us. Enjoy your Tuesday!


Year 1 Writing Skills

  • Orally rehearse their sentences before forming them.
  • Capital letters at the start of each new sentence. 
  • Use clear spaces between words.
  • Punctuate their sentence using a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. 
  • Use their phonics knowledge to help them spell many words in a phonically-plausible way.
  • Extend their sentences by using the conjunctions 'and' and 'because'. 
  • Form their letters correctly.
  • We also encourage the children to read back through their writing

Today we would like your child to:


  • Read to you (twice – once this morning and once this afternoon)
  • English: Using your ideas about your story so far – what is the setting to your story? At home, on a beach, in the shop, in the garden? Is there more than one setting? Draw and label the setting/s to your story.
  • Phonics
  • Handwriting: Use your best handwriting in your English work today. (use the letter join website for support)
  • Maths - White Rose – Session 2



Other activities your child might like to have a go at:


  • PSHE: Have a go at some mindfulness activities. Finger breathing, sitting somewhere quiet, closing your eyes, taking slow breaths, listening to the sounds around you, counting back from 20. What did you notice? What did you hear/feel/think?
  • Computing: Create your own underwater scene and story using purple mash art and design tools.
  • PE: Have a look at the rainbow games and take part – write down your score.


We hope that you all enjoy your day. Take care,

Mrs Carey and Mrs Boyes