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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning Cedar Class, 


Thank you to everyone who sent feedback on the English lessons yesterday.  By the sounds of things it is working well.  Please continue to let me know how you are getting on with it.  


Some of you may have also had some formatting issues with the powerpoint for maths yesterday.  This is likely due to the different versions of powerpoint handling the slides slightly differently.  If you notice some of the text boxes overlaying each other, try resizing them.  I am hesitant to go back to uploading them as pdfs as this would remove the interactivity and would not allow me provide hidden hints for you if you get stuck.  I have attached both a powerpoint and pdf version of today's slides if you having difficulties with the powerpoint; however some answers and the hints will not be available to check. 


Here are the tasks I would like you to have a go at today please:


Spellings: complete the look, say, cover, write check sheets for the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling tests this week

Handwriting: Practise this weeks pangram

Maths: Understanding thousandths.  As mentioned above, the slides are attached as both a powerpoint and a pdf.  Complete the task sheet. 

English: Oak Academy lesson - Reading comprehension - Word meaning visit

Maths Meeting:

PE: Complete 30 minutes of exercise.  See wider curriculum map for websites and ideas

Wider Curriculum: French: Keeping active.  See powerpoint by clicking this link  Remember to run it as a slideshow in order to hear the audio files. 


As always, I am here if you have any questions or need help or clarification with any of the tasks.  


Enjoy your day and stay safe, 

Mrs Joseph