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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good Morning Hazel Class,

I hope you all managed to find the information on the website yesterday...if you are reading this, you have found it today!

Thank you for all the work you sent in yesterday and your comments about World Ocean Day.

Do let us know what you think about The Oak Academy English tasks, as we are trying that out as an option this week.

Apologies that some of you had problems with the Maths PowerPoint yesterday. Mrs Joseph is looking at why that was the case, but it may be because her computer is a Mac.

If you have problems today, please let me know and I will re-email it to you.

This week we are trying out a different way of teaching you new maths, by giving you an interactive PowerPoint. If you have any strong thoughts or feelings about it (Is it useful? More tricky/easier? Do you prefer Bitesize? Do you prefer this? etc) please let us know and we will try to take your comments into account going forward.


Here are the tasks I would like you try today:


English: Continue with Oak Academy, as per Monday's instructions.


Spelling: Practise the Year 3/4 and 5/6 spellings, using the "Look, Say..." sheets (Links are at the bottom of this message)


Handwriting: Keep up with the pangram practice from Monday. Remember the aim is to practise neat, cursive joins.


Reading: Spend some quality time reading your own book for pleasure – Can you make a prediction about what might happen next?


Maths: Recognising and using thousandths (2 Links are at the bottom of this message) If you do not have PowerPoint functionality, I have saved a PDF version, where the answers appear on the next slide, instead of 'moving the box'.  You can also look at BBC Bitesize for further information/help


Maths Meeting:


Wider Curriculum: French: Mme Willis has created a PowerPoint about keeping healthy. It has loads of brilliant sound files to listen to. We can't re-save this as a PDF or the files don't work. If you have problems viewing the PowerPoint, have a read of the slides, as all the French is written down, but skip page 26/27, where you need to hear the sound to answer the questions. (Link is at the bottom of this message)


Sport: At least 30 minutes a day – see the wider curriculum map for suggestions of activities


Have a great day. I'll be waiting for your messages with a bucketful of house points to give out.

Mrs Couch