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W/B 13th July 2020

Hello Year 5, 


Congratulations!  We have arrived in the final week of year 5.  We would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you (and your parents/carers) for all your hard work this year.  You have grown into outstanding individuals and demonstrated tremendous resilience and perseverance in the face of overwhelming challenges.  We both wish you the best of luck in year 6.  You will rock it!


Here are the tasks we would like you to have a go at this week if you can:


English:  This week we will be writing some advertisements.  Follow along with the links on the timetable.  there is an attachment (wc 13.07.20 English tasks) to help guide you through Thursday's and Friday's acitivities.


Spelling and handwriting:  This week, the spelling dictations will be a selection of words from the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling lists.  Spend some time on Monday revising some of the words from these lists that you found tricky to help you prepare for the tests.  The handwriting activity can be found on the attachment wc 13.07.20 Handwriting practice


Reading: Nightmare Machine Chapter 6.  Follow instructions on document wc 13.07.20 Reading task 


Maths: This week we are investigating volume using the Oak academy lessons  Some of you have mentioned that these lessons are not posing enough of a challenge for you so I have attached additional activities that can be completed for each lesson if you would like more practice.  They can be found in the maths tab on the webpage.  


Maths meetings: We will continue to revisit maths meetings from earlier in the year.  Links for the videos can be found on the timetable or here  We will be completing the meetings from 4th -11th May


PE:  Complete 30 minutes of physical exercise a day.  Use the websites on the wider curriculum menu for ideas or complete the exercise circuit you designed.


Wider curriculum: Please see the timetable for activities.  Science this week is a practical.  If you are doing this at home, please read the task sheet at the start of the week to give you time to gather the equipment/flowers/cuttings you need.  If you are unable to collect these things, don't worry.  If you are in a bubble, you will be completing science and history at school.  If you would like to use these tasks as revision/pre-learning then you are welcome to.


Stay safe, 


Mrs Joseph and Mrs Couch