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W/B 13th July 2020

Good morning Chestnut,


It's our last week of home learning, and the last week of a very odd term!


Seeing you come back into the classroom has been a real joy, you've grown both vertically and in confidence, I feel very proud of all of you. I have learnt so much through teaching you this year, both in the classroom and from a distance. You are the year twos I will NEVER forget!


Keep going with your home learning, knowing that after Friday you have 6 wonderful weeks of summer holidays!


For English we are dipping back into poetry, I've chosen some of my favourites. Don't feel you have to write much down, by reading and discussing the poems that you enjoy, you are learning and developing your opinion.


Maths looks again at concepts you should know but may need to secure. Use the videos to guide you and the worksheets to apply what you know.


Science is a fun activity recommended by Adam and his family - it's a bit messy! I'd love to see some photos!


So many of you are taking to the internet for your learning, please remember all that we have learnt about being safe online, if you have any problems close the device you are on and tell an adult.


We would normally be spending the week winding down and enjoying our last few days together, be kind to yourselves and this week choose activities you enjoy. Looking at the weather forecast you'll want to be out enjoying the sun!


I'm looking forward to welcoming back the last of our class bubbles this week, if the sun is out please remember to apply sunscreen, bring a water bottle and a hat!


Have a lovely week!




Mrs Chadwick