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W/B 29th June 2020

Good Morning Team Lime and Willow!


This week, Cecily and Thomas from Lime Class and Lennie from Willow Class will be celebrating their birthdays, so I would like to wish them a very Happy Birthday from all of us at Redbourn Primary School. I hope they have a wonderful day and enjoy their celebrations with their families.


Last week it was lovely to see some posters and letters that you have made for the new reception starters in September 2020. I was impressed with the attention to detail and I am sure that these posters will help them settle into their new class with you help. Thank you for helping me to help them.


Due to the return of most children and staff to school next week, we will no longer be able to offer feedback to children learning at home via email. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for maintaining regular contact with us during the lockdown, it has been an absolute pleasure to have had this opportunity that a classroom environment does not always allow for. Please do continue to encourage your child to share their home learning with us verbally in class as we would still love to hear about it.


Going forwards, you will receive a weekly letter and an overview of the possible learning activities for the three days that you are at home. This will still include all the information that you would have received in the daily email with the additional extra of having an oversight of the three days at the same time. The learning activities remain to be a suggestion and are not mandatory, so you can pick and choose from them. However, please note that the adult directed activities may build upon the previous one, so to complete them in this order may be helpful. Resources will continue to be found in links next to the activity or in attachments under the areas of learning. Most importantly, remember to have lots of fun!


The topic continues to be ‘Over Ground, Under Ground’ with a focus on animals, including an introduction to animals, their habitats and what they need to survive. In the following weeks we will explore this in greater depth by looking at different animal groups. The topic and focus, continues to be the same both in school and at home but different activities will be offered in each. In the final week, we will go off topic to celebrate the past year and focus on transition in to Year One.


Finally, we need you! The EYFS team are continuing to look for donations of wooden and metal utensils that can be used in our muddy kitchen due to the need of replacement from wear and tear. These might include wooden spoons and spatulas, metal fish slices, ladles or spoons etc. In addition, we would be very grateful of any plant contributions (vegetable or flower) that we could utilise to brighten up the outdoor space and continue to provide outdoor learning opportunities for your children. Thank you in advance.


Best wishes,



Miss J. Huxley

Reception Class Teacher