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W/B 6th July 2020

Hello Year 5, 


Well done for another brilliant week.  There was fantastic work going on both in school and at home.  


Some reminders about this week:

  • If you are a bubble learner, on the days you are learning from home, you should try to complete the English and maths tasks for Monday-Wednesday and whichever wider curriculum tasks you would like from the week.  As always, complete what you can
  • As stated in last Friday's newsletter, because more teachers are working on site until the end of term, we will no longer be able to offer feedback on home learning work.  It will still be set each week.  If you have any questions about the home learning please contact Mrs Joseph at

Here are the tasks we would like you to have a go at this week if you can:


English:  This week we will be writing some poems.  Follow the lessons from Bitesize on the timetable.  On the link for Thursday, complete only Activity 1 and then the planning sheet (09.07.20 English planning sheet) to help you map out your poem.  This sheet also has the success criteria for the poem you will be writing on Friday, so make sure you read it carefully to ensure your planning will help you to be successful. 


Spelling and handwriting: Complete the tasks from the timetable.  See documents wc 06.07.20 Year 3&4 Dictation LSCWC, wc 06.07.20 Year 5&6 Dictation LSCWC and wc 06.07.20 Handwriting practice 


Reading: Nightmare Machine Chapter 5.  Follow instructions on document wc 06.07.20 Reading task 


Maths: This week we are investigating angles using White Rose maths  Follow along with the timetable, watch the online lesson each day and then complete the attached task sheet.  There are task sheets and answers for each day in the maths tab.  Most of the tasks can be completed without the use of a protractor.  If you do not have a protractor at home, I have attached some slides (wc. 06.07.20 If you do not have a protractor) with the questions that require you to measure angles (lesson 1) and a digital protractor.  For questions when you need to draw angles (lessons 2 and 4) there is a slide with the protractor that can be cut out.  Unfortunately, it will not be transparent - do the best you can with it for those questions. 


Maths meetings: We will continue to revisit maths meetings from earlier in the year.  Links for the videos can be found on the timetable or here  We will be completing the meetings from 27th April - 1st May


PE:  Complete 30 minutes of physical exercise a day.  Use the websites on the wider curriculum menu for ideas or complete the exercise circuit you designed.


Wider curriculum: Please see the timetable for activities.  When reading the science slides, ensure you are in a full screen slideshow so the animations and interactivity works correctly.  If you are in a bubble, you will be completing science and history in school.  If you would like to use these tasks as revision/pre-learning then you are welcome to.


Stay safe, 


Mrs Joseph and Mrs Couch