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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good Morning Team Oak!                                                                  Date: 10.06.20


 Hello everyone! We have received some mind maps of your favourite foods and what you thought they smelt, tasted, felt, sounded and looked like – chocolate was a clear favourite!

This has made us feel quite hungry, as well as William making fudge, Georgia growing and eating her own lettuces and Thomas drinking hot chocolate!

We continue to enjoy receiving your emails of work set as well as photos and activities you have done with your families. It is lovely to see your faces and stay in contact with you all.Remember we are always here to support you and share ideas. We are very proud of Team Oak!



Year 1 Writing Skills

  • Orally rehearse their sentences before forming them.
  • Capital letters at the start of each new sentence. 
  • Use clear spaces between words.
  • Punctuate their sentence using a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. 
  • Use their phonics knowledge to help them spell many words in a phonically-plausible way.
  • Extend their sentences by using the conjunctions 'and' and 'because'. 
  • Form their letters correctly.
  • We also encourage the children to read back through their writing

Today we would like your child to:




  • Have a look at yesterday’s mind map – are there any words that you could add to make a rhyming couplet or alliteration? (eg. Colourful cake, perfect pizza, tasty tuna, sizzling sausages)





Summer Term - Week 7 (w/c 8th June)

Lesson 3 - count in 10's



  • Practise writing 5 of your Year 1 common exception words.
  • To support your child with their cursive handwriting at home take a look at the 'Letter Join' website. This is the scheme of handwriting that we use at school. The log on details are:

username: vt04216

Password: home


 Other activities your child might like to have a go at:



  • Create a junk model of an animal – what kind of animal is it? (Mammal/reptile/bird/amphibian/fish) What materials have you used to create your model?



  • Try and go a day (or morning/afternoon) without using plastic – could you do it? How many things do you normally use that contain plastic?


  • Join in with Hayley and dancing stars at 10am:



You can email photos of your learning to us at: and we will reply to any emails that you send with further challenges and ideas!

If you are a parent of a child in Oak Class, we will be available to respond to you between 9 – 12pm every weekday during this time. Please bear in mind that we both have young children and may not be able to respond to you immediately.


Stay safe, wash your hands and keep learning!



Well done Team Oak!