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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning Cedar Class, 

Your work on decimals has been amazing over the past few days.  You are all working really hard and developing a deep understanding of the material.  Today we will be reminding ourselves of how to round and practicing our skills with decimals.  This is something you have been practicing in your maths meetings as well.  


Parents, please note that the final text box on page 8 of the RE  information PDF, about Hindu marriage ceremonies, contains this sentence to describe 'marriage':  At some weddings, it may be a man and a woman making a commitment to each other. At others, it could be two women or two men making the same commitment.


Here are the tasks you could have a go at today:


English: Oak Academy as per Monday's message. Identifying the features of a text:


Spelling: Complete the Year 3/4 spelling test:

Handwriting: Keep up with your pangram practice: write it 3 times, using cursive joins.

Reading: Spend some quality time reading your own book for pleasure – Does this book remind you of any other book you have read or heard of recently?

Maths: Read through the information slides about rounding decimals.  Please complete the questions included with the slides - this will give you the opportunity to check that you understand before you start the task - then complete the task (2 links below).  The final slide of the powerpoint has links to additional videos for support (as this version has been saved as a pdf, you will have to copy the link into your browser).  If you found the questions in the slides challenging, have a look at a couple of the videos before you begin to secure your understanding. 


Maths Meeting:

Wider Curriculum: RE: Read through the information slides and use the Hindu Fact Cards to complete the art task. (2 links below)


Sport: Complete at least 30 minutes a day. Choose an activity from the wider curriculum menu.


Spend some time on Times Table Rockstars.


As always, I am here if you have any questions or need any help.


Stay safe and healthy, 

Mrs Joseph