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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning Team Acorns


We hope you all had a lovely day of learning yesterday, whether you were at Nursery or at home. Tom showed us a creative way of making a butterfly life cycle by using natural materials and pasta and Scarlett made a life cycle crown. You might like to do the same or maybe you have another way of showing the life cycle of a butterfly.


Here are the tasks you might like to try today:


Phonics: Play buried treasure. Find a selection of small objects that start with two or three different sounds and bury them in a sand pit, small patch of earth, or whatever else you have available. Dig for the objects and sort them into piles according to their initial sound. Each time list what has been found, emphasising the first letter sound.


Physical Development: We would like you to do some caterpillar and butterfly movements today. Curl up small like an egg. Can you crawl like a caterpillar? Find some material or scarves and make large circles and up and down movements with your arms, like the wings on a butterfly.


Mathematical Development: Butterfly wings are symmetrical – they look the same on both sides. Have a butterfly template (there is one on the website) and ask your adult to draw some spots on one side of the butterfly. Can you match the same spot patterns? You could create your own symmetrical butterfly by drawing your own spots. Remember to match the number and colour.


Story: Can you tell the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to your grown up? You could film it and send us a little video clip.


Creative (Singing): Learn and sing the song ‘There’s a Tiny Caterpillar on a Leaf.’ Use your hands for the actions. The words are on the school website. You can hear the tune and see the actions at . Can you make up an action for the caterpillar eating the leaves?


We hope you have fun with whatever activities you choose to do today.


Mrs Keith and Mrs Grimes