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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Wednesday 17th June 2020


Good Morning Team Lime and Willow!


Just in case this is the first parent email of the week that you are reading, our topic for this half-term continues to be ‘Over Ground, Under Ground’ and we will have a weekly focus on ‘Planting and Growing’ as this is something many of you identified at the start of the term as an area of interest.


Yesterday I received some great story maps of the story, ‘The Tiny Seed’. I particularly liked how some of you used pictures and words with good attention to detail and then included arrows to make it clear on which direction to follow when retelling the story. It has also been lovely to see how some of you have been harvesting vegetables that you have grown in your own gardens and allotments and I am curious about how you will prepare, cook and eat these. I also suggested looking at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. You might like his portraits as they were made out of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books.


Today you might like to:



Get some fresh air by going for a walk, into your garden or complete an exercise video online (see website list). Alternatively, this week would have been sports day. Don’t let the changes stop you… Play a target game by throwing a ball, bean bag or soft toy into 3 containers (spaced away from you). Assign the point score of 3, 2 and 1 and see who can get the highest score in a set number of turns. Repeat to see if you can beat the previous results.



Promoting Hope: Listen to a short, child-friendly version of Noah’s Ark or a similar story about adversity and the importance of hope.  


Sometimes the challenges we face feel really difficult, but the important thing is stay hopeful as best we can and to talk to a friend or trusted adult if we feel we are losing hope. Sometimes talking to people who are still feeling hopeful can help us feel hopeful – or we can talk about remaining hopeful to a friend who seems down. Remind the children that it’s important to tell their teacher or another trusted adult if they are worried about how they or someone they know is feeling. Being hopeful is not about denying the challenges. It’s about knowing that you feel challenged and despite the challenge, trying to remain hopeful. Sometimes it can be helpful to remember that feelings come and go - ‘this too shall pass’.



Hugs by Post Whole School Activity (please see attachment). If your child is attending school, they can complete the activity and then take it into school rather than posting or dropping off. Please remember to take a picture and send to me so that I can also see the work, thank you.



Play for at least an hour in the morning and in the afternoon with no TV or electrical gadgets.


Enjoy a drink and a healthy snack with your child. You might like to talk about how and why it is important to keep healthy and where food comes from.



Read to your child a story or two. Don’t forget to talk about: the title, author, illustrator, blurb, what is happening and where, what has been said, how characters are feeling and what they might be thinking. Can you recall the sequence of the story? Beginning/middle/end?



Write the sentence below on a piece of paper. Can you read the sentence (Phase 4), applying what you know about the diagraphs (two letters, one sound) ‘ow’, ‘ck’, ‘th’, ‘ch’ and ‘ee’? Talk about sounding out parts of a longer word and then blending it to read. For example, ‘chimp/an/zee’. You might like to write chimpanzee on a separate piece of paper and fold where the lines are to make it really clear and unfold to read the different sections. Where are the tricky words (‘the’)? Where are the capital letters? Where is the full stop? Who did a trick? Who did the clown do a trick with? What is a trick? Can you draw a picture of a clown and a chimpanzee?


The clown did tricks with a chimpanzee.




Listen to your child read and discuss their book. Look on the website Oxford owl for free eBooks if required or you can use books from your book corner. Read the book together stopping to allow your child to read the words you think they might know.



Complete the DfE Letters and Sounds lesson on: and/or

Phase 3 Tricky Word Booklet – Complete page 5 & 6: Little Mouse Tricky Word Writing/ Pirate Reading Tricky Words.



Addition: Complete the vegetable themed addition sheet. Can you write the complete number sentence after using the pictures to help you? For example, 4+6=10 Challenge: Using fruit or vegetables, can you make up your own number sentences or try some subtraction and record?



A few children in Reception have an allotment at home or enjoy planting to make bee friendly gardens or growing herbs. Watch the video, ‘Explanation – Growing Seeds’ and discuss what a plant needs to grow. 


Can you plant a seed of your choice? For example, cress seeds. Can you record what equipment you needed and what you did? Can you keep a seed diary by drawing a picture and writing a sentence of what you can see each day? You might like to do this electronically by taking photographs or recording a short video as an alternative.


I look forward to hearing about what has kept you busy today and hope you and your family have a good day.


Miss J. Huxley

Reception Class Teacher

Redbourn Primary School