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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Good morning Beech Class!


Thank you for sharing your 'Hugs by post' with us. There will be lots of happy faces when they are received. We are also pleased to hear how much you are enjoying Michael Rosen's stories and poetry. Chocolate Cake is a definite favourite!


Here are Tuesday’s house point totals:

Blue – 10

Green – 19

Red- 45

Yellow – 35

Well done Red Team!


Here are today’s suggested activities:

  • Keep active –  Complete this week’s PE challenge: Use objects such as teddies to set up an obstacle course. Dribble the ball around your obstacles. How quickly can you complete the course?
  • Keep reading –  Read to a grown-up and listen to a grown-up read. You might like to read Billy’s Bucket again -
  • Discover poetry – Read Over My Toes again – mind map onomatopoeic words and adjectives to describe the sea (see example). What does it look like/taste/smell/feel/sound like?
  • Keep using your phonics – Watch today’s phonics lesson which will be available from 10:30am. Today’s focus is ‘are’ - square 
    Alternatively, play the ‘roll and read’ revision game on the school website.
  • Keep thinking – In your neatest handwriting, answer this week’s Thinking Book question: If you could find anything in your bucket, what would you like to find?  
  • Keep counting – Complete this week’s maths challenge (saved on the website) and take part in some number track board games.   
  • Keep up-to-date -  Watch Newsround -
  • Enjoy the great outdoors- Find out about evergreen and deciduous trees by reading the PowerPoint on the website. Go on a tree hunt using the sheet.


Enjoy your day!

From Mrs Turner and Miss Lunt