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Wednesday 24th June 2020

Good morning Year 3, 


This week, I've been enjoying reading all of your shape riddles. They were so good I thought I'd put a couple together and perhaps the children could have a go at solving each others'. They can be found in the Maths folder on the website - named Year 3 riddles. Have a go if you wish! 



Watch this video on understanding different poetry formats

Have a go at writing you're own haiku.




Please watch the White Rose video on horizontal and vertical lines. All of this week's White Rose videos have been added to the website; they're at the bottom of the Maths attachments page, in a folder named 'Year- 3-Summer-Week-9-1.pdf'. 


Then complete the activity on horizontal and vertical lines. 




Watch this video that explores the key physical features of the world: 

Use the Powerpoints to help you label the five oceans and seven continents on the activity sheets. If you would like an extra challenge have a go at completing questions underneath in full sentences. 


I look forward to hearing about you're learning and what you've been up to. 


Best Wishes, 


Miss Thomas