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Home Learning

Date set: 18.09.20



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No home learning this week.



In Science next week, we will be finding out about plants. Go on a nature walk and see how many different plants / flowers / trees you can spot. Record in your own way.



Look around outside in your local area for signs of autumn. Record in your own way what you find.



This week we have focusing on place value, please choose activity a,b or c. This will help to consolidate this week’s learning on place value.


This week in English, we have been looking at Free Verse Poetry, focusing on The Magic Box by Kit Wright. This week for home learning, we would like you to practise reading The Magic Box aloud with expression and actions.



Continue working on your times tables.

Using your knowledge of persuasive techniques, write a letter for or against the argument, 'should children be allowed to play video games?'



This week we have been continuing to look at place value. Please complete the sheet to consolidate this learning. Please start with challenge A but if you need a harder challenge please try column B or C. 

 This week we have been learning about sentence structure and how to improve our writing with the use of; co-ordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and a variety of openers (time, ing, ly, positional and double adjectives).  Using the picture provided write a paragraph using as many of elements listed above.  



Rounding exercise stuck into homework book. At least one section completed. B is expected standard, C is challenge and A is support

Create a word bank for our work next week on nature poetry. Create a list of 20 ambitious words or phrases about nature (due Tuesday)