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Redbourn Primary School

This is the Schools Motto

3. Our responsibilities as a school

The School will ensure we provide a safe learning environment and work to achieve an atmosphere where the children are happy to attend school. We will ensure records of attendance are kept daily according to Government Legislation and follow up poor attendance or punctuality. The School will keep parents informed of their child’s attendance/punctuality record and work closely with parents should attendance or punctuality give cause for concern. 


If parents are persistently late in bringing their children to school, this is brought to the attention of the Headteacher, who will contact the parents and work with them to bring about an improvement in punctuality. It is the responsibility of the class teacher and school secretary to ensure that the attendance register is correctly maintained and is accurate.


Should the attendance of any child be causing concern, the class teacher must alert the Headteacher, who will discuss it with the parent, and /or the School Attendance Improvement Officer (AIO) as appropriate.