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Redbourn Primary School

This is the Schools Motto

School Values

Loving Learning, Respecting All

At Redbourn we THRIVE!


Redbourn Primary School has the highest expectations of all members of the school community and inspires positive attitudes to learning and behaviours.

In order to achieve this, we give children and adults every opportunity to thrive.


T - Team

We are a team. We are honest and trustworthy. We are effective listeners and communicators. We co-operate with one another. We are helpful and we show empathy.

H - Healthy

We are healthy. We look after our physical and mental wellbeing. We are happy, we are resilient and we have a growth mindset.

R - Responsible

We are responsible. We work hard, we are determined and we challenge ourselves. We take responsibility for our actions, words and choices. We are reflective learners.

I - Innovative

We are innovative. We are creative, we love learning and we are curious. We are confident, we take risks, make mistakes and we are problem solvers. We are empowered to make changes.

V - Valued

We are valued. We are inclusive. We show respect, tolerance and equality. We are kind and show gratitude.

E - Empathetic

We are empathetic. We are well-rounded individuals, we support and inspire others and strive to be the best version of ourselves.


Our values were drawn up following consultation with the children, staff, governors and parents to decide the things which matter most to us at Redbourn Primary.  The values within each key word encompass everything listed by those who attended the discussions and workshops and which were felt to be important for us to strive for as a school. 


Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which will prepare our children to be confident, happy citizens. Each half term we focus on one of our values and this forms the core of our assembly focus as well as driving our discussions in the THRIVE council.